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William Ahad Oriental Rugs Repair Houston


Oriental rug repair in Houston is something that every owner of a luxurious Persian rug must face at some point in their life. While these expertly crafted hand-made textiles look absolutely gorgeous on the floor and as wall decorations, the same qualities that are responsible for their beauty also make them vulnerable to wears, tears and other types of lasting damage.

Authentic Oriental rugs in Houston are unique and irreplaceable, often carrying a sentimental value that can’t be thrown out at will. When they are no longer in a perfect condition, Persian rug repair is the most desirable option.

Never attempt to restore your Oriental rug to its former state on your own, even if it seems that all it would take are a couple of well-placed stiches. It could prevent your hand-made Area rug from being repaired in the future, regardless of the short-term outcome.

Experts at William Ahad Oriental Rugs have great experience in dealing with authentic Persian rugs in Houston, which has allowed us to offer a fast and reliable service to our clients with a 100% success rate. We provide various professional Oriental rug repair services, including patching, edge binding, reweaving and fringe repair.

To ensure that you join the long list of our company’s satisfied customers, be sure to report any problems with your Persian rug as early as possible. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that repairs will not be as effective as desired.

After you call up our company for Oriental rug repair in Houston and we deal with your problem, remember to continue taking proper care of the rugs in your house. Fibers gradually become weakened as time goes by, and the only way to slow down deterioration is by guarding it from spills, inspecting the surface for insect eggs and quickly addressing anything that might cause long-term damage. Regular cleaning with a vacuum is also recommended, as long as you don’t put the rug under too much stress.

If you follow all of the advice found above and call us for Oriental rug repair when there is a problem, you will be able to enjoy the unchanging presence of your beautiful Persian rugs for decades!