Oriental Rugs Appraisals

William Ahad Oriental Rugs Appraisals Houston


Oriental rug appraisal becomes useful when filing insurance claims. It serves to determine the exact value of your Persian rugs and ensures that you are protected financially when it’s damaged or destroyed. The fairness of your compensation will depend on the experience and professionalism of the people involved in that process, so you want them to be experienced and professional.

William Ahad Oriental Rugs is a company that has been performing Oriental rug appraisal in Houston for over 30 years, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from its long list of customers. Our greatest strengths are our love for the trade, attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the differences between various types of area rugs.

After a thorough inspection, we verify the age and origins of Persian rugs that clients present us with. Our appraisers also determine what kind of dye, material and weaving technique was used when they were made. That information is later used to assess the overall quality of these rugs and set a price that would be supported by an official Oriental rug appraisal certificate.

While some of this information can be obtained just by allowing us to take a look at high definition photos of the area rugs in question, serious Oriental rug appraisal will require the physical presence of our experts. People go to great lengths to confirm that their area rugs are hand-made and authentic. William Ahad Oriental Rugs offers a convenient and reliable service for being able to do so, and you won’t have to worry about receiving money on your insurance.

Stronger insurance claims are not the only reason for Oriental rug appraisal in Houston. A growing number of well-made knock-offs that use lesser quality dyes and production techniques has become a cause for concern among local owners of Persian rugs, and our services will help you make sure that the textiles you bought were 100% authentic and worth every dollar.

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